Lash Care and Tips for Mink Lashes

                              Remove glue from lash band

While securing the lash band in one hand, use tweezers or fingernails to carefully remove glue residue from the back and front of lash band.




                                         Wash the lash band

This is step is optional . Wash or rinse your lashes, CAREFULLY rinse the lash band with water. Do not get any water on the mink eyelash tips , to help preserve the lash curl. Alternatively, you can also use a Q tip dipped in water or lash shampoo, instead of running water on the mink lash, which will help prevent any water from accidentally getting on the lash and damaging the the curl of the lash.



                                Place lashes back inside the lash case

Place the lash strip in It's original lash tray & box to help keep and preserve the shape. Keep the lash box closed to prevent bacteria and dust from settling on your mink lashes.


         "Our mink lashes can be worn several times with proper care"